Our mission is to make beautiful home décor attainable, no matter the budget.

If you've ever wondered whether you’d benefit from working with an Interior Designer, the answer is yes! We help bring your style vision to life, save you time, money and a whole lot of running around! Starting with your decor inspiration, we work through different stages to provide functional and stylish decor solutions while keeping to your budget and timeline.

At Door42 Interiors we're all about creating spaces that reflect our clients' unique personalities. We carefully consider

Your Needs

Whether you're after full end-to-end decorating, or you simply want that statement piece to complete your space, we aim to exceed expectations no matter the scale of your project. We can be involved for as much or as little as you need; either way we're here to make your life easier by simplifying the styling process.

Your Vision

Teamwork makes the dream work! We work collaboratively to capture and deliver your style vision. Working with you alongside Suppliers and Trades, we keep communication lines open to ensure we're always on the same page. No guesswork here!

Your Inspiration

We're constantly seeking fresh inspiration to share with clients. By regularly attending interiors workshops and expos/trade fairs around the country, we keep up to date with current design/decor trends. A big bonus here is we're able to source all styles of boutique furniture & decor available only to industry professionals.

Your Style:

Good designers design for the client, not for themselves. Our focus is to maintain your identity within your decor style; it's your space after all. All selections like colour themes, wall finishes, flooring, furnishings, etc. will reflect your personality and lifestyle so that you're pleased with the results.

We'd love to work with you! Contact us via the form below and let's get started.


Door42 Interiors operates from beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland; however, decorating services are not limited by location. We also offer Online/E-Decorating for clients not located on the Sunshine Coast. So, whether you’re local or far-flung you're covered for all services! 

If you're just dropping by for decor inspo or a bit of decor eye-candy to brighten your day we've also got you covered! We'd love to connect with you; subscribe to our weekly blog for insider tips & tricks, current trends, great deals, and shopping lists from blog articles or projects. And don't forget to check out our social media, we'd love to see you as we're out and about! 

Need help transforming your living spaces? We’re ready to work with you.

for about me

Meet Eky

Hi there! I’m Eky Akporhonor, the face behind Door42 Interiors.

I've always been in touch with my decorator instincts, right from a young age. One of my favourite things to do growing up was create unusual colour, shape and fabric combinations, not just with home effects but in fashion too. This was a hobby I continued enjoying till my later years, but it wasn't until after building our first home when family and friends began to consistently seek decorating advice that I decided to offer my creative skills to the world.

In late 2015, my passion for the world of interiors propelled me to study and attain a diploma in Interior Design from the Interior Design Institute, Australia. Since then I've absorbed the ins and outs of the Interiors field and learned a language that I'm sharing through my In-home and Online decorating services.

I understand the importance of making every dollar count, all the while creating luxurious living spaces. Whether working with high-end statement pieces or budget finds, the way I see it is, it's not how much you spend that gives your home style but how you layer everything together in your space.

I'm a die-hard lover of travel, a slightly obsessed Marvel Movies fan, and I have a weakness for shoes. When I'm not navigating the busyness of work and being mumma to 3 kids and wifey to Richard, I love nothing more than just to kick back and laugh a little with loved ones. Follow that extra loud laugh and you'll find me!

Here's why you should work with me:

  • My décor solutions are uniquely tailored to your needs.
  • I design concepts that layer decor elements in a space. The result: depth and character!
  • I don’t shy away from working with bold colours or patterns.
  • Fees and costs are transparent and clearly communicated early enough.
  • I present you with a clear picture of your new look using simplified visuals; you'll see your new style before you commit to it.
  • I keep with the trends but don't impose them on clients.
  • I’m there to hold your hand through the whole process making it as easy and enjoyable as possible.
  • I’m not limited to location; E-Decorating Services available if you’re far-flung from me.


I am an interior decorator and stylist. My services are focused on the aesthetic side of interiors which include soft furnishings, colour choices, sourcing furniture, furniture layout and placement; everything that takes your space from being a house to a home. I can also help with wall finishes (paint and wallpaper) and flooring options including tiles and carpets. I do not offer structural alterations but I’m happy to advise where I can.

I’m based on the Sunshine Coast and my services cover the Sunshine Coast and the Moreton Bay Region of Brisbane. Please note that a travel charge of $0.72c per km will be charged for locations over 35km travel.

For clients located outside these areas please see my E-Decorating service which is perfect for accessing my services from any location in Australia. In this case all decorating and styling will be done virtually and using lots of visuals we’ll work together online to create your dream look.

This depends on the extent of work to be done, availability of funds (budgeting), as well as store stock of desired furnishings. I respect clients’ timelines however it’s important to be realistic as some matters, for e.g. stock availability of furniture items, are beyond the clients’ or my control.

If you have a tight deadline or need my services on your project immediately then an additional fee is charged.

My fee for an initial home consult is $225.00, and my hourly rate for Concept Design, Product Specification, or any Additional Services to your initial contract is charged at $90.00 per hour. After the initial meeting, I determine the best billing method for your project and this will be detailed in your Agreement. I may propose a flat fee, or hourly rate or even a hybrid of both where appropriate. For transparency all fees will always be explained so the client has a clear picture of the “whys” and the “whats”.

The short answer is no! I believe any space can be beautiful no matter the budget. So, whether you have a have a few hundred, or many thousands of dollars to spend I’ll work with you. There’s no one budget fits all but remember your expectations must be realistic and considerate of the money you have budgeted to spend.

This rarely happens as I ensure you view and approve of the decor concept and items before we get to the styling phase which is the final phase. However, I’m open to feedback and will offer one free alteration of your in-home decor, after all my primary goal is that you love the space you’re going to live in.

My work hours are 9am-5pm Mondays to Fridays, and 10am - 2pm on Saturdays. During this time, I’m available to attend to phone and email enquiries however because I’m often on the road, at job sites, or in a meeting I would advise that you email me, and I’ll respond as soon as I have a moment.

If you have an urgent enquiry or need immediate assistance, perhaps at the moment of a purchase decision then a phone call will be best way to reach me. After the hours of 9am to 5pm I’m contactable by email but may have limited availability to respond immediately as I’ll be on my other job, being a busy mum of three!

I'm not available on Sundays.

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