5 Things to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Furniture

As we draw nearer to warmer temperatures when we spend endless hours outdoors, it’s getting to that time to refresh our yards and alfresco areas. Outdoor entertaining is a tradition here in the tropics. It doesn’t take much to transform your outdoor area; with the right set of outdoor furniture/ décor accessories even the drabbest looking backyard can be transformed into an inviting space to entertain or just spend the warmer months.

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If you’re looking to upgrade your current pieces, or maybe even create a brand new alfresco entertaining area, you’ll need the right furniture that can withstand the open-air environment. Consider these tips before making any big investments in outdoor furniture .

1. What’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

Whether the weather be fine or not, the weather in your location is a huge factor when buying outdoor furniture.

Areas prone to storms/heavy rainfall require quality furniture that not only can withstand constant wetness but are substantially weighty enough to overcome strong winds. On the other end, if your weather is intensely sunny and hot, you need durable enough fabrics that wilt or fade quickly when exposed to sun.

Consider these three great choices: Teak for its weather resistance, Synthetic Rattan which is moisture proof, and Wrought iron. Others include Steel, and Aluminium, scientifically proven to prevent moisture-induced corrosion, and light enough to relocate easily should a storm be impending.

2. What’s the occasion?

Furniture choice will depend on intended use. For BBQs, brunch or dinner party lovers, outdoor dining sets will be ideal, consider bench seating which is quite practical and trendy. For a family hang-out space a couch or lounge suite will be perfect for gathering. If having company over for drinks and chat is your thing, then you need a seating layout that allows for easy flow of interaction; so seats around a focal feature, like a fire-pit, along with coffee and side-tables for food and drinks will be the way to go here.

3. Placement

No furniture can completely withstand harsh outdoor conditions, however materials used make some handle adverse weather much better than others. Carefully consider where furniture will be placed. Most alfresco areas are fully or semi-shaded which allows more use of the area through the year, and also provides protection for furniture. For completely open-air areas some form of sun-shading is advisable to prolong furniture lifespan. Pieces like pool lounges would be better protected under a freestanding patio umbrella. These should also be easy to relocate should wild weather happen.

4. Durability and Lifespan

Think about everything your gorgeous outdoor sets are going to be subjected to; wind, rain, intense heat, humidity, dirt, and human traffic! So durability is key. You don’t want to baby-sit your furniture so make sure they’re pieces that will essentially take care of themselves or at the least require very minimal maintenance.

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Steel, wrought-iron, resin, and teak are some great options for durability. Fabrics used for furniture should be considered an investment not a luxury. Your choice of fabric will make all the difference in the longevity of your furniture. They should be easy to wipe clean, quick-drying, anti-fade as well as stain and mildew resistant.

5. Decor Harmony

Always remember design! There’s much beauty in bringing the outdoors indoors and vice-versa, meaning your decor style should flow seamlessly from your interior to your outdoor space, hence keeping consistency. Furniture choices should be as consistent as feasible with the ones indoors thus linking both spaces. This way your outdoor space will stand out as another room in the house which makes it more appealing to use. Find coordinating pieces of accessories to dress your furniture with, but do not compromise on comfort, no point in having gorgeous stylish furniture that’s hardly used because it’s uncomfortable!

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