Mid-Week Muse- The Glass Wall

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So, you’ve made it through to the middle of the week and are in need of a motivation top-up. Grab a coffee and check out my 5 musings to inspire and power you towards the weekend.

My Latest Obsession

Divide any two spaces without compromising on light, space or structure. Glass partitioning allows light to flood through the room thus creating a bigger, more open feel for any room. They can be used just in about any space in a home and are particularly great for sectioning small spaces like apartments and units. And what an absolute décor statement; they’ll work in any style of décor.

Bedroom with glass walls and doors- as featured on Pinterest
Featured on Apartment Therapy

Also giving me the feels….

My Five to lift your Wednesday Vibe

Encaustic tiles for the artisan wow-factor for walls and flooring.

‘Mr Jazzman’ bold, quirky wall art by Amber Kingi. An absolute conversation starter!

Stylish décor-friendly lunch time essentials by Black and Blum that make you the envy of the office

Indoor/outdoor ethanol Campfire Ecosmart Stix to warm up the chilly nights and create hard-to-beat ambiance; winter is here!

Dropbox Sweater boxes from Container Store; keep your knits in shape this winter

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  1. Gracie on July 31, 2019 at 7:47 am

    Lovely, i am pretty intrigued with glass walls myself, quite stylish they are.

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