Trending on The Wild Side- Four Fab Ways to Use Leopard Prints In Décor

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So, we need no convincing that the leopard print trend is back in full swing. Seems you can’t turn a corner without seeing those glorious spots coming at you. We all say ‘it’s back’ but the fact is this roaring print has been around for the last four decades.

Born in the US during the 1960s Bohemian movement, leopard print was once considered an ‘essential’ in every fashion lover’s wardrobe. From then till the present we’ve watched this hot trend extend beyond wardrobes to other sectors including homewares and décor. In this time, many trends have come and gone but it’s quite clear that leopard print remains popular, even after all these years. It can be well and truly said that this fabulous print has rightly earned its spots as a classic.

Leopard Print in Interior Décor

“Animal prints add dimension and bring so much personality to an interior,” “They have an exotic and travelled feel that’s also a bit playful, making them a great tool for layering.” – Natalie Reddell, Interior Designer, Virginia USA

Colour trends are usually a big focus in interior design, but hardly is leopard print featured as part of it. With its striking brown-black combination on a cream-beige base, this print can be easily considered a colour and has in fact been dubbed the ‘new neutral’.

Jenna Lyons- Former Creative Director, J. Crew

Featuring an intricate rosette patterning, which differs from the oval spots of the cheetah print, leopard print has a distinct elegance which used properly, adds drama without overpowering a space. With its wide range of warm, neutral shades this print is versatile and easy to apply to décor. It pairs well with other bold patterns and adds warmth when combined with colours of similar palette e.g. black, whites, tan and blush. It also coordinates beautifully with bright colours like yellow, denim blue, mint, coral, purple and red. If you’re a minimalist who feels using leopard print decor is walking the precarious line to the wild side, fear not, this gorgeous print can be incorporated in pretty much any interior décor style, whether bold or conservative. Let us show you how.

Our Four Easy Ways to Use Leopard Print in your Décor

1. The Simple Things
Photo from One Kings Lane
Photo from Decoredo

Add a pair of leopard print cushions to your décor mix, and for the cooler months, consider a fur throw blanket. Soft furnishings are an easy, inexpensive way of applying any décor theme. The featured photos show the stunning effect of the brown and black prints against bright colours, or neutrals of similar palette. Adding
leopard print cushions creates a layering effect of texture and pattern, while pairing perfectly with other abstract/ geometric patterns. Incorporating it in pairs creates a balanced, symmetrical look, as seen above. Whatever your decor style, do not underestimate the impact this simple touch will bring to your overall look.

2. Keep it Down Low
Photo from Architectural Digest

This stunning living room featured in Architectural Digest perfectly illustrates how leopard print livens up a room from the ground up! Consider using a light-coloured leopard print rug for your room floor, or as a runner to dress your stairs; seen below in the beautiful décor by Design Theory. Aside from being a stylish addition, it’s also functional for hiding stains and signs of wear and tear, especially in spaces with heavy foot traffic. Used in a space with light-coloured walls, neutral textiles and subdued furnishings your leopard print on the floor will balance the overall look of the room. Nervous about going big on prints? Keeping your leopard low in the room will add a subtle dramatic edge to your space, showing that it doesn’t have to be in-your-face to make an impression.

3. Shine a Spotlight on it
Small Accent pieces. Featured in Better Homes and Gardens

Don’t be afraid to make your leopard print the centre of attention. An accent sofa, armchair or ottoman in leopard print will be a great focal point for your room décor. Be mindful though, of other existing patterns, colours and shades when using large accent leopard prints in a room. Used against similar neutral colour palettes and contrasted with a splash of bright colours you’ll achieve an unforgettable visual impression; as seen in the photo below. If preferred, smaller accent furniture are also great for commanding attention in a room. Be versatile with your accent pieces; when placed in the centre of the room they’ll make a loud statement and when used in a corner of the room they’ll liven up and add more interest to an otherwise bland space.

The Drake sofa by Lillian August for Hickory White in a bold leopard print. (Patricia Sheridan/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
4. Let your Walls Rawr!
Canvas Art by Slaveika Aladjova

Wall art adds sophistication to a room and ties all furnishings together to complete a desired look. You’ve got to have art, right? So why not incorporate this trend in your décor by purchasing leopard print art for your walls. Once more, this is an easy foray into the trend, easily changeable at any time. Buy a couple of slightly differing pieces featuring the same subject and create a leopard print art theme in your home. For the more adventurous, go a step further; create a show-stopping feature wall with leopard print wallpaper. This will turn your wall into its very own work of art. Wallpaper with light neutral background works best in living areas like sitting rooms and bedrooms, while darker backgrounds are great for adding glamour to small spaces like toilets, powder rooms and dressing table areas.

Spot on! Try these cool removable wall decal spots on the kids’ room or nursery wall. Available on
There’s Décor in Little Details

We don’t always have to go big to enjoy a décor trend. The little details contribute to the overall feel of a home, so why not incorporate little bits and pieces into your décor.

Take advantage of the leopard prints accessories currently flooding the stores . When catching up over a cuppa, why not serve the coffee or tea in a trendy leopard print mug? Bring in a chic touch to your guest room with leopard print bed linen and accessories. Add a few leopard print tableware and accessories to your dinner table for an elegant touch. Consider using leopard print wall balloons as a fun dressing for your walls. With this print the possibilities are endless!

And don’t forget the little ones; add soft furnishings like curtains , throws and bed linen in bright coloured leopard prints to add some fun and personality to their spaces.

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  3. Home Republic Dusty Leopard Printed Table Lamp- Adairs
  4. Honey Honey Creations Leopard Print Wall Balloons
  5. Sand Storm Leopard Round Vinyl Floor Mat – Amara Living
  6. Leopard Faux Fur Throw- River Island
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  8. Kate Spade Boudoir Chic Animal Mug – Myer
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  10. Matrix Pedro Beanbag Cover – Temple and Webster
  11. Senzo Spot Ivory Charcoal Wallpaper- Natty and Polly Wallpaper AU

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