17 Cool Study Space Ideas for Students

So, our normal has been flipped upside down by the COVID 19 pandemic. Currently, Social Distancing measures dictate that most jobs and schooling be done from home. Schools in over 150 countries have shut down and learning has been migrated to online classes via the internet. While we wait for the light at the end of the tunnel all we can do is adapt to the new.

So, are you ready for home schooling? As parents we want to ensure creativity and quality learning continue as our kids navigate this new way of learning. Of great importance is setting up a dedicated workspace for each child which ideally should only be used for ‘school hours’. Experts say a dedicated space for work is the key to being productive, whether as parents or children. A dedicated area gives a sense of structure and routine which is healthy for children especially during school term.

A study space that kick-starts productive home-schooling habits in your kids is easy to achieve, regardless of the space/room size. Start with the basics of any workspace; space, furniture, lighting, organisation, and decorating, then infuse your child’s personality into them. They need a space that’s quiet for focus, well organised to minimise distractions and perhaps with a bit of colour to keep them inspired.  I have gathered here 17 cool study space ideas from Pinterest that will make home-schooling more enjoyable for your kids.

1&2/17. The Space Saving Study Corner

Using every available corner wisely is important if you’re short on space. These tiny corners have been converted into instant study nook for your teen with a simple String Shelving and Desk.

3/17. The Converted Closet

Another clever use of space, converting a closet to a study area with shelves and wallpaper. I love how the wallpaper pattern adds character and expands the space.

Source: Tracey Clarke- Pinterest
4&5/17. Soft Colour Palettes

These study nooks with pastel colour accessories make beautiful study areas for girls.

6/17. Just the Basics

A good desk by the wall and a comfy chair is as good a space as any. Desks with storage compartments will be best here.

Source: French Fancy
7&8/17. Shared Workspace

A great arrangement for multi- person use, especially for working alongside or supervising younger kids during study. The bright coloured accessories are a fun element great for keeping young minds stimulated.

9/17. Minimal Teen

I love the simplicity of this space. The muted tones and clean lines make it a straightforward choice for a teen who appreciates orderliness.

Source: Pinterest
10/17. Alternative Storage

In sharp contrast to the minimal study space above, this nook is bright, colourful and quirky. The pegboard is a useful idea for open storage and doubles as a notice board. What a great design will be for artsy, creative kids.

Source: The House That Lars Built
11/17. Older Teen Boy

Dark and moody grey palettes give this study space design an edgier feel perfect for older boys. I love how they’ve made the walls the feature of the room. Walls are such a great place to express personality and should always work for the occupant/s of any space.

Source: Pinterest
12/17. Older Teen Girl

For those who don’t mind a splurge this design has a sophisticated look created by the contrast of gold tone metals against pale pinks and neutrals. The wall dressings add a nice touch, especially the framed quotes; which teenage girl doesn’t like motivational art!

Source: Pottery Barn Teen
13&14/17. Bright and Light….with Pops of Colour

The bold colour accents in these otherwise light and bright rooms add fun and playfulness; two desirable elements needed to achieve the perfect design for kids’ communal study areas. Drawers divide the spaces nicely here to give each user a sense of separate spacing.

15/17. Nice and Neutral

I love the monochrome tones in this space. The cool whites and greys against a warm wood flooring are great choices for a neutral space. Great choice for households where kids alternate use of the space, perhaps with parents too.

Source: Pinterest
16&17/17. Bold and Eclectic

Inspire your young one with a burst of bold colours, shapes and structures which complements their personality. Whether they use their space for homeschool or homework, working in spaces like these will be a delight.

All images in this article are sourced from Pinterest for inspiration. Please read our disclaimer and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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