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It’s the new popular trend in interiors; abstract faces are everywhere! From furniture, home wares, artwork, décor accessories and even clothing, you see them on everything. It’s not altogether a new thing, faces in decoration. In the past they were limited to walls and perhaps tabletops, but these days they have migrated to practically everything else! Just look around and you’ll find vases, wall dressings, and soft furnishings staring back at you.

Funny Round Face Vases from Etsy

Let’s face it, since emojis became popular in every day culture facial expressions have become ‘a thing’, small wonder they’ve made a move from tech to the rest of life. Some might call it ‘creepy’ and they’re not wrong. Creepiness aside, I love that there are different interpretations of it; vases, planters, sculptures and other accessories with cute or distorted facial features for the quirky at heart, and flat linear drawings for the minimalists and perhaps the easily spooked.

Source: Pinterest

Sure, it’s not for everyone, this trend is definitely one you love or hate. If you’re undecided, consider investing in smaller pieces that add interest to your décor but don’t overshadow other items. They’ll be easy to swap after you’ve enjoyed them for a while, plus you won’t break the home improvement bank.

 So, what do you think? For those who dare, you’ll find décor items from this gorgeous trend on many international websites, and as they’re slowly growing in popularity in Australia you can find them being more showcased by major retailers around Australia. I’ve listed a few favourites here and where to find them.

  1. Frida Oro Vase $52 from Jones and Co.

This stunner of a vase is a great choice for colour loving décorholics. Paired with matching yellow flowers as styled by the store it’s sure to bring that vibrant burst of colour into a space. Check out Jones and Co for a large variety of similar vases and planters.

2. Watch Over You poster $59.00 from Urban Road

Featuring beautiful line art, this minimalist art work in a neutral palette with a splash of orange will add warmth to your space.

3. Claymen Objects $59 each from Westelm Australia

These will bring a lovely playfulness into a space, a great option if you prefer less obvious facial features. With the different styles you can easily mix vases and coordinating objects of different shapes and sizes to form an interesting tablescape.

4. Abstract Faces 19 Floor Pillow $67.49 and Rectangular Pillow $26.24 from Society6

Society6 is your destination for all things faces; seriously these guys will put a face on anything! These funky designs and vibrant colours make for great accents cushions. You’ll find many more decor items within this trend on their website.

5. Fillara Ceramic Table Lamp $189 from Temple And Webster

I love the neutral tones of this stylish lamp, making it very easy to fit into a style without being too overpowering.

6. Margo Selby Mix Geo Rug $418 from Westelm Australia

You’ll need to take a closer look to see the face on this rug. The bold geometric shapes are cleverly arranged to create a subtle impression of a face, making it pretty easy to work with.

7. Amalfi Figure Vases $49.95 from Zanui.

I love the contemporary lines of these vases. Available in various shapes so you can group these together on a tabletop. Whether you add flowers to them or not these are sure to add drama to any table arrangement.

8. Jungle Line Girl Wall Mural $244.99 from Society6

For those who don’t shy from ‘big and bold’, this show stopper will look amazing in a teen girl’s bedroom or a home office. Featuring illustration of a woman’s profile in linear art surrounded by pastel Monstera palm leaves, this mural an easy way to make a statement with a giant face on your wall without being too dominating.

9. Looking at You Wall Sculpture $185 from Urban Road

Talk about a conversation starter! This unique wall sculpture featuring an abstract face in bold black iron is gutsy and quirky. Certainly suited to the more adventurous decorator.

10. Abstract Face 11 Credenza from Society6

Like I said, these folks will put a face on anything! The illustration on this credenza make it a gorgeous statement piece to add to a space. You’ll find endless options of face illustrations available on the website.

Please note: All prices and item stock current as of today. Contact stores to check for any information needed.

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