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How to Successfully Implement Red Interior Decor.

With February being the month of love, it’s that time of  year where we’re bombarded by the colour red. So what better time to think about adding a touch of it to your living space? Neutral tones used in a home can feel comforting but also tends to hang on the precipice of dull and boring. Even if your décor preference leans towards neutral palettes, colour is unavoidable in interior decoration and the use of it, or lack thereof, can make or break your décor vision.

Science has proven that colour has a huge impact on our disposition and temperament. It is the major component to setting the mood in your home.  You may have noticed the calm you experience when surrounded by nature in shades of green, or the confidence that grey shades; whether dark or light, invokes in you. Likewise, you can’t ignore the effects of bold, sassy red which wakes you up and fires you on!

So, what is it about bold, vibrant, red? And how do you successfully implement red interior decor in your home?

“Red is the ultimate cure for sadness”

Bill Blass

Science Says…

The colour red is linked to courage, appetite, desire, romance, rage, and lust; all undeniably powerful passions. It increases the blood pressure and heart rate to incite these emotions in us. It’s fascinating how this amazing colour sits at both ends of the spectrum; on one end it’s associated with, love, passion, and excitement, and on the other, much stronger feelings of danger, fear, and rageNo wonder many shy away from red interior decor, not knowing which end of the spectrum they’ll achieve! If you’re intimidated by the thought of using this larger-than-life colour in your home, you’re certainly not alone. The trick is to find a balance between its tones and shades, and combine them with other suitable colours. Here are some simple, practical ways of successfully implementing red interior decor.

1. Pick a Shade…or two

“Bright reds – scarlet, pillar-box red, crimson or cherry – are very cheerful and youthful. There is certainly a red for everyone”.

Christian Dior

Colour Palette by Ingrid Sundberg

Finding the perfect shade of red for your decor is crucial. No matter how minimal the red accents are, your chosen shade will still have a big effect on your overall look. The spectrum of red shows numerous shades and tones, which makes it very versatile in decorating. The darker and deeper reds create a rich, welcoming ambience hence are great for use in welcoming spaces like entryways and hallways. On the other hand, the pale, softer reds add a dose of fun, brightness, and femininity. Glossy, velvety reds work well in bedrooms, adding elegance and glamour. While matte reds are perfect for a more rustic, traditional look which coordinate beautifully with earthy, natural tones such as wood. Find a compromise between shades you’re comfortable with and apply them to your décor style. Whatever the shade/tone you choose, red demands attention and incorporating it in your décor will add warmth and energy to your space.

2. Complement it!

When applying red in your interior decor, think about the perfect complementary colour for it. Going with the Colour Wheel, green will be the choice in this case. The red-green combo is gorgeous but as it’s synonymous with Christmas it’s a pairing worth rethinking. I say go further and pick its neighbour, blue, and work within its shades.

3. Use with Caution

Even before considering colour you need to determine the concept and use of a space. This will enable your decision on which areas to accent, and which areas to avoid applying red interior decor. Bearing in mind that red incites and excites, think carefully about the feel you’ll be creating for the space where it’s used. In the kitchen, red stimulates appetite making it a perfect choice for this area. However, for relaxation spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms you risk creating achieving the opposite; an overly energetic feel. Think minimal! A little splash will go a long way to adding drama and excitement while maintaining a tranquil feel. Whichever the room, I wouldn’t go painting all four walls red, instead consider painting one wall or section, and the neighbouring wall/s in a light or neutral colour.

4. Let it Pop!

Accessories are a surefire way of adding character to any space. They loudly announce your persona to whoever walks in the door! Add a pop of drama to your space with red décor and furnishings. A red chair or couch makes a statement wherever it’s placed, likewise any large piece of red furniture. But pay attention to placement; having a large piece/s of red furniture sitting against a red wall might be too loud a statement! With colour trends and seasons constantly changing, avoid purchase choices that leave you stuck with large pieces, unless you are fully committed to reds. Use interchangeable accent pieces that allow you add red without hassle. Add a few gorgeous cushions and throws in bright red, bed linen in a rich dark shade, luxurious rugs in a deep shade, vases and ornaments in glossy red, and don’t forget wall art or wall paper. Don’t shy away from getting these accents in prints and patterns too, they add a richness to the room’s atmosphere are great for red interior decorating.

5. Balance the Scales

Always aim to find balance when creating your living atmosphere. A large piece of red furniture in an otherwise neutral environment makes a bold decor statement but will pull attention to itself and away from everything else. Create balance by strategically sprinkling your red decor in bits and pieces around the room, thus presenting a pleasing view for the eyes as it looks around. Include red themed wall art on an opposite wall, red lamps or vases on dressers or tables, or a large red rug on the floor. These can be carefully positioned to achieve balance against a large red feature in your space.

Red is beautiful. It demands attention and shows everyone you don’t come to play! Put in some thought and effort and you’ll surely find the right combination to pull off an unforgettable look for your interior.

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  1. Grace E on February 16, 2019 at 10:28 am

    I find your blog to be vibrant and filled with lots of information, it is interesting to see the ways these colours can work with the home decor; the complementing of red with blue as shown in this piece is my absolute favourite.

    What a concise and beautifully written piece I am most certainly looking forward to the next read Metamorphosis

    • Eky on February 17, 2019 at 8:15 pm

      Much appreciated Grace! We’ keep you up to date with more colourful updates and latest home decor trends.

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