Still on Trend-Faces; Five Fabulous ways to Display Face Art on Walls

There are several labels for this trend- Continuous Line Art, Linear Drawings,  Abstract Faces, Line Drawing…. the names are numerous and the options for this trend are endless.

Abstract faces are all the rave for decor right now. Though it’s hardly new in the world of art, it has exploded in the world of interiors and trend lovers are fascinated by it. Perhaps due to the characteristic depiction of faces and figures using few lines, with the result of very expressive yet simple pieces of art.

Often featuring monochrome designs and muted colours/shades linear art is so simplistic and understated that it can be displayed almost anywhere and within any interior style theme.

One simple way to create an impact in your home is through art. Walls present the perfect opportunity to express personality, and every item you chose to display on your walls should spark joy and inspire creative thoughts and fun conversations. Abstract art is a trend that does exactly that, so let me share with you 5 easy ways to try this look for yourself, and where to find featured artwork.

1. The Lone Feature Piece
Abstract Vintage Figure Art From Nordic Wall Decor
Abstract Vintage Figure Art- from $62.13 by Nordic Wall Decor

A single large art piece on a feature wall will speak volumes, especially for those who prefer abstract paintings of faces with bolder lines and distorted features. I love the colours in this painting by Nordic Wall Décor, and how they coordinate with the accessories in the space. Simply gorgeous!

2. Side by Side
Abstract Face and Body Line Art from Etsy
Abstract Face and Body Line Art Print Set of 2 -$17.58 from Etsy

I love how this set of face line drawings and line shapes in earthy tones complete each other despite the variation in subjects. Hang two complementing pieces with similar theme side by side to tell a story.

3. Wallpaper
Faces in Seafoam from Olive et Oriel
Faces in Seafoam-$299 from Olive et Oriel

Now, I’m probably one of the biggest wallpaper fans out there! Abstract faces on wallpaper? Why not?! It’s such an edgy way to add art to your walls making a loud statement to everyone. Used in simple monochromatic or pastel tones, face art wallpaper is a great touch for a teenager’s room, and a fabulous way to liven up a bathroom.

I can’t resist sharing a few more…

Large Pink Face Wallpaper Range from

These folks have a large range of face art wallpaper and wall murals to choose from.

4. Make a Gallery Wall Arrangement
Banana Leaf Gallery from Desieno
Banana Leaf Gallery Wall -$274.60 from Desieno

Who doesn’t love a gallery wall? Mix a few pieces of  abstract face or line art with other pieces of art like typography, photographs, botanical prints etc. The mix and match options are endless. Your face art can be the focal point and other pieces built around it, or you can add a few complementing line pieces to complete your arrangement.  When it comes to gallery wall ensembles is your one-stop shop for all the pieces needed to create an elegant gallery wall.

5. Make a 3D Statement with Wall Sculptures
Metal Line Art Sculpture from Etsy
Metal Line Art Wall Sculpture -from $698 at Etsy

If you love metal or sculptural art then this is for you. Such a beautiful way to display line art which although in 3D form is still subtle and minimalist and displays the line details elegantly. This giant size metal art work creates a floating effect when mounted on the wall. Simply gorgeous.

Please note, all prices and item stock are current as of blog date, please contact stores for any enquiries.

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