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8 Cool Beanbag Brands for Your Teen’s Bedroom

Whether you’re looking to create a cozy spot for reading, or a fun and functional addition to your child’s space, a bean bag might be just what you need. Bean bags are a versatile and comfortable piece of furniture that can be…

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Interior Decorator Tips: How to Style a Teen Boys Room

Designing a bedroom for teen boys room can be a challenge. As your little man reaches teenage years, he’ll no longer want a bedroom decorated with dinosaurs, trucks, or any previously loved childhood icons. The ‘perfect space’ at this stage of their lives…

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Inside our Buderim Apartment Makeover: A Coastal Refresh

This revamp project was such a delight to complete. The client reached out for help with space planning and furniture/décor selections for her newly renovated apartment. The brief was to create a bright, airy beachy feel with just the right number of…

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Styling Adventures Episode 1- Coastal Style Revamp

It’s been a little while since we photographed a finished project. With COVID taking over 2020 most of our projects were done virtually with social distancing limiting our ability to photograph completed jobs. Thankfully as things are back to normal, our lovely…

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Add a Pop of Colour to your Space

Meridan Plains Dining & Living Room Lately, I did some decorating for a retired client who had recently bought a 4-bedroom home and needed the lounge and dining room decorated. Bright and clean with minimal furniture was the look she was after…

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Still on Trend-Faces; Five Fabulous ways to Display Face Art on Walls

There are several labels for this trend- Continuous Line Art, Linear Drawings,  Abstract Faces, Line Drawing…. the names are numerous and the options for this trend are endless. Abstract faces are all the rave for decor right now. Though it’s hardly new…

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On the Radar- Faces on Decor

It’s the new popular trend in interiors; abstract faces are everywhere! From furniture, home wares, artwork, décor accessories and even clothing, you see them on everything. It’s not altogether a new thing, faces in decoration. In the past they were limited to…

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17 Cool Study Space Ideas for Students

So, our normal has been flipped upside down by the COVID 19 pandemic. Currently, Social Distancing measures dictate that most jobs and schooling be done from home. Schools in over 150 countries have shut down and learning has been migrated to online classes…

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No More Couch Calls- 7 Tips for Setting Up a Functional Study Nook

As remote working continues to grow everywhere in the world, home work spaces have become a necessity for today’s households. Traditionally, a whole used as a study/home office has been the norm for people needing a quiet space to carry out specific…

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